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Unified’s workmanship comes with a lifetime installation warranty as well as the best warranties from our manufacturers. If you have any questions about a repair or service on your job please give us a call at 888-631-2131 or email us at [email protected]

Unified’s workmanship comes with a lifetime transferable warranty. This refers to the life of the house and not a particular person. Transferable means that you can transfer the warranty to the person to whom you sell your house to. Even if you transfer your home to another family member the warranty is still in effect just by following the instructions on the warranty. After the installation of your products and the completion of your project you will receive your full warranty in the mail. If you do not receive your warranty please give us a call and we will send you another right away.

The truth is that our warranty is the best warranty, not just in our industry, but every industry. Within the first year of a job being completed there are no charges for any warrantied item. After the first year there is a one-time fee (like an insurance deductible) of $95.00. Once the $95.00 is paid there are no additional charges for any labor or materials no matter what the service. If you have a problem with a refrigerator, a car, a TV or any other item you purchased more than a year earlier you would absolutely pay more than $95.00, I’m sure. Some charge for the labor to come to your home, some charge for materials and other companies pro rate their warranty which really charges you every time. Unified does not do this, we take care of our customers like they are family.

Manufacturer’s warranties are supplied upon completion of your job. Supplying and installing approximately 30 different manufacturer’s products, it is our job to get you those warranties so that you can follow the specific instructions from that specific manufacturer. Although you are covered by Unified and the manufacturer, part of Unified’s warranty is to report and follow any claim you would ever need to put through any manufacturer. We stay with you throughout the process.

Since Unified has partnership agreements with the largest and most reputable manufacturers, you get the highest grade warranties the manufacturer offers.

Being in business for over 30 years and bosting a 99.6% customer satisfaction rating says it all. We couldn’t possibly have achieved these milestones if we didn’t take care of our customer’s completely. Whether buying Windows, Doors, Siding, Roofing or Masonry work you can be sure you will get the best products, the best installation, the best price and the Best Warranty.

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