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Interior and Exterior Door Replacement on Long Island, NY

Since its founding in 1989, Unified has replaced and installed doors for Long Island homeowners. We proudly provide door replacement services throughout Suffolk and Nassau counties, with Long Island door showrooms in Baldwin, Huntington, and Patchogue. 

Outside of Long Island, we serve Putnam and Westchester counties, as well as Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx through our Brooklyn and Scarsdale showrooms.

No matter if you need an interior door installation, entry door installation, exterior door installation, garage door installation, security door installation, or storm door installation Unified has you covered. We only offer premium-quality doors from industry-leading manufacturers such as Andersen Doors, Pella Doors, HMI Doors, General Doors, Provia Doors, or Homeguard Doors.

Regardless of your home’s style, we can find you a door that meets your needs, wants, and expectations. Our team of trained door installers is the best in their trade and has completed thousands of Long Island door installation projects while maintaining an impressive 99.6% customer satisfaction rating.

We’re a door installation and replacement company Long Island homeowners can count on.

Benefits of Replacing Your Doors

At Unified, we understand that undertaking a door replacement project can be daunting. To help you make the right decision for your home, here are the benefits you can expect if you replace your outdated or broken doors.

  • Increased home value and curb appeal. Adding new doors to your home is often the simplest and most effective way to improve the look of your home, and increase its value.
  • Convenience and ease of use. If you replace the old, worn-out doors in your home, you’ll find the new doors easier to use and more convenient.
  • Protection from the elements and improved security. It’s no secret that your home contains the things you treasure most. So it makes sense to install doors that will protect you and those you love from the elements and keep them secure.
  • Energy efficiency equals lower utility bills. Because new doors provide better insulation, you benefit from greater energy efficiency and lower utility bills.
  • Warranty. You will receive the best warranty possible since Unified is a top-rated contractor for all our manufacturers.
Home with exterior replacement doors on Long Island

If you want to learn more about why replacing your doors is the right thing to do for your home, please contact us.

Our Replacement Doors

Certified Door Installation on Long Island

It’s hard to find a certified door installation company more skilled than Unified on Long Island. Our team is well-equipped to install custom-fitting doors from various premium-quality door manufacturers.

HGI Logo With White Background

Home Guard Doors

For over 40 years, Home Guard has been producing doors that exceed expectations. Their doors have excellent appearance, thermal performance, and durability.

You can select interior and exterior doors that are hand-polished and hand welded. You’ll also have a choice of 18 stock finishes.

Unified partners with Home Guard to provide luxurious but affordable door products to our loyal customers.

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HMI Doors

Since 1983 HMI Doors has been the go-to shop for entry doors, security storm doors, and aluminum storm doors. They manufacture doors according to customer specifications and treat each door order as a custom project even if it’s a standard size.
General Doors

General Garage Doors

General Garage Doors has over 70 years of experience producing sectional overhead doors for homeowners in Long Island. They supply Unified with quality garage door products at the right price.

Unified Home Remodeling Emblem

Unified Storm Doors

Unified partners with multiple storm door manufacturers to give homeowners a wide selection of premium-quality storm doors.

The doors we install are custom-made to fit your home in any size required. Plus they are affordable, stylish, and durable.

Ideal Window Certified Dealer Logo

Ideal Patio Doors

Ideal is one of the best door manufacturing companies in the world. They have a strong market presence and an expansive product catalog. For over 30 years, Unified has been a certified dealer of Ideal products.

We trust Ideal’s interior and exterior door products and know they are high quality. In particular, they provide a vinyl patio door that is beautiful, durable, and affordable.

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Andersen Patio Doors

Andersen Doors has spent years focusing on commitment and exceeding client expectations in residential and commercial spaces.

We offer Andersen patio doors installed according to our customer’s exacting standards.


REEB Interior Doors

REEB is a leading distributor of custom millwork products that include interior doors. They produce modern, minimalistic, conventional, and classic door layouts and designs in many colors and designs to match your stylistic needs.
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Provia Storm Doors

Provia is a well-known brand that consistently produces high-quality storm doors. This company gives you access to many exterior screen and storm doors in different styles, sizes, and decorative finishes.

Types Of Doors We Install

Are you struggling to decide on the type of doors you should install in your home? No problem, we have decades of experience installing a wide range of doors and can help you hand-pick the right one for your home.

Entry Doors (Steel, Textured Steel & Fiberglass)
Entry doors come in three materials: fiberglass, steel, or wood. They can also be custom-made to your decorative tastes.

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Unified Storm Door New York

Storm Doors
Installed at the front of an exterior access door, storm doors often comprise window screen panels or interchangeable glass panels to protect your entry door.

Steel Security Doors
These doors have a strong steel framing for increased security and may be fitted with tempered glass.

Wooden Patio Doors

Patio Doors
This door type opens out onto a garden, pool, balcony, or patio. If you want a patio door, you can likely choose any type of door, but sliding and French doors are the most popular.

French Doors
French doors may resemble sliding doors, but swing open instead of sliding side to side.

french interior doors for home
Andersen Patio Door

Sliding Doors
Usually made from glass and slide on a track, they provide access to patios and double as large windows.

Garage Doors
Garage doors are manual or electric and are usually made from wood, aluminum, or steel.

Brown Garage Door
pocket door for the inside of your home

Interior Doors
Interior doors provide privacy and separate living areas. They are available in many styles and finishes.

Long Island Door Installation & Repair Experts

Why Hire A Professional to Install Your Doors?

Do you want to install new doors in your home but are unsure why you need to hire a professional? There are many reasons hiring a professional door installation team from Unified is the right move.

Man performing interior door maintenance.
  • Your new doors will have excellent insulation. A professional will install your doors properly. This will ensure adequate insulation and a reduction in heating costs. Keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Your new doors will be the right size. You won’t need to worry about many issues like obtaining doors that are the wrong size or material. Every product Unified sells is custom-made to fit the exact opening of your home. A professional will also install the door correctly, and it will open and close effortlessly.
  • Your door project will be completed quickly. Having a professional do a door install will save time and money. They will spend a day or so on your door installation instead of weeks to months.
  • You won’t be responsible for cleaning up. After each job, Unified’s team takes away all debris and leaves your home clean and looking brand new—as if we were never there.
  • You needn’t worry about your safety. If a professional from Unified installs your door, you’ll know your door is doing its job and protecting you and your family.

To learn more about why hiring a professional door installer would be beneficial, you can contact our team at Unified.

Door Replacement on Long Island As Easy As:

1 Schedule A FREE Door Estimate

Schedule a free consultation with one of our home door experts by calling 888-631-2131 or filling out our online form. Our representatives will provide their expert opinion and are ready to answer any questions you have about your door replacement or installation project.

2 Talk With Our Door Expert

On the day of your consultation, a home door expert will guide you through your project’s many branded door options, colors, sizes, and designs. Our experts will always provide a free quote for your door project. When you are ready, your designated expert will write a contract for you to sign, and your door installation or replacement project will begin.

3 Begin Your Project

Once your door replacement or installation contract is signed, we will send a technician to check all measurements and details of the windows at your home. Once the details are confirmed, your doors will be shipped. When your order arrives at our warehouse, we will contact you to schedule a date for your installation. On the date of your door installation, a professionally trained crew will complete your project.

a couple and their dog using a sliding patio door

4 Enjoy Your Beautiful New Doors

Once your door replacement or installation project is complete, the crew will review how to maintain and use your new doors. After they take you through the steps, your home door project is complete, and you can enjoy the new beautiful look of your home for years to come. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

5 Call For Any Repairs

If for any reason, you need a repair on any of the doors provided by Unified, our warranty is the best in the industry. Visit our warranty page for complete details and email [email protected] with details about your request to schedule a door repair or replacement appointment.

Complete Door Services for Long Island Homes

As a full-service door installation company, Unified offers a comprehensive suite of door services.
  • New Construction
  • Replacement
  • Custom Door Sizes
  • Glass Options – Leaded, Obscure, Tempered, and Decorative
  • Hardware Updates and Replacements
  • Commercial Dooring
  • Residential Dooring

Door Installation Q&A

No. The door installation will only leave you some sweeping to do. Please tell our installer if you want to keep anything on your old door, so it does not get thrown away. You may need to fill nail holes and replace the old molding being reinstalled.

Look at the completion date just under the date of your contract. That is when your door should be completed at the manufacturer. We will call you to set the installation date once the door is shipped to our warehouse.

We suggest you call your alarm company to determine if the alarm needs to be removed from the door before we arrive. We are not allowed to rewire any alarm system. All we can do is cut the wires and are not responsible for damaged or buried wires.

Your door is maintenance-free; however, if you want to keep the finish like new, you can polish the exterior like you would your car.

We never want there to be additional charges on the day of your door installation. Hopefully, we will have discussed every option available or needed in advance. To help this process, we have listed some additional options below. Please ensure your contract lists any additional work you want to do. These are some items you may have left out of your contract:

  • New primed interior molding 
  • New interior unpainted molding (only needed if the existing molding is presently damaged or notched for existing locks) 
  • Changing existing wood frame (only needed when rotted) 
  • Changing rotted sill with pressure-treated wood (only needed when rotted) 
  • Covering sill with aluminum sill plate. 
  • Covering wood frame between door and storm door with white capping. 
  • Covering Exterior wood frame with white capping.
Since your new door will have a steel frame over your existing wood frame, the door itself will be slightly smaller. For example, a standard 36 X 80 door is 35 3/4” wide. The new door will be 34 7/8” wide, which is 7/8” smaller. The new saddle allows your door to open with an inch of room to the floor, so the new saddle may be higher than the old one.
Maybe, if it fits the pre-drilled holes in the new door. We have no control over the height or position of those holes. The lower knob hole will be approximately 28” to 36” from the bottom of the door. It is determined by the height of the door, and we cannot adjust it.
You can add a new storm or security door to the outside frame. Also, keep in mind that mail slots reduce the insulation value of your new door, and the large magazine mail slots lower the security of the door as well.
You may need to paint any wood added/or reinstalled to your door or storm door during the installation. Our company never paints or stains.
Yes, it will. All new doors must have a saddle so the new door can close airtight and allow room on the interior for throw rugs. The new saddle is usually higher than the old one. Please visit our showroom and ask to see the saddle if you have a concern. The saddle cannot be removed or changed.
Your new doors will always swing in the same direction they currently swing unless specifically written into this contract.

All new door warranties are available upon request once the job is completed and paid in full.

We will be performing lead-safe work practices on your home only if it is written on your door contract with the appropriate upcharge per window or door.

If your doorbell must be removed or if your wiring is too close or old, your doorbell may need to be repaired after your door is installed. We can install a new doorbell if you have it, but we cannot fix the wiring if it does not work properly.

Our Recent Door Projects

Over the past three decades, we have completed over 350,000 remodeling and door installation projects for your Long Island and New York neighbors.

Unified Home Remodeling - Call Us At 1-888-631-2131
Unified Home Remodeling - Call Us At 1-888-631-2131
Unified Home Remodeling - Call Us At 1-888-631-2131


See more client reviews from over 350,000 New York and Long Island home improvement projects since 1989!

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Our company provides professional door installation and many other home remodeling services, including replacement windows, in Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island, New York.

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