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Alside vs. Certainteed: Which Siding Reigns Supreme for Home Exteriors?

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When updating your home’s exterior, choosing the right siding is necessary. Certainteed and Alside are two big brands that you may come across in your Google queries for the “What Are The Best Siding Brands.” Both brands offer different benefits in terms of design, longevity, and cost. In this blog, we’ll break down the key features of each to help you decide which is the best fit for your home.

Understanding the Basics of Home Siding

Before diving into the two brands, let’s quickly touch on why siding matters. Siding protects your home from weather, improves its appearance, and can even affect its resale value. There are various siding materials, such as Vinyl, Fiber Cement, Wood, Metal, Brick/Stone, and Stucco.

When choosing siding for your home, consider durability, maintenance requirements, aesthetics, and budget. Siding made of vinyl is low-maintenance and affordable, while siding made of fiber cement is versatile and durable. With wood siding, you get natural beauty and a timeless appeal. On the other hand, with metal siding, you gain strength and a modern aesthetic. A stucco siding combines traditional charm with energy efficiency, and brick and stone veneer siding provides simple elegance and durability.

By assessing the advantages and considerations of each option, you can make an informed choice that suits your needs and preferences, ensuring the long-term protection and visual appeal of your home. 

We can keep going on and on about siding, such as what are the best siding and trim combos, or the average price of vinyl siding–but let’s continue to the main topic of this blog–a comparison of CertainTeed and Alside siding.

The 411 On CertainTeed Siding

Top Features of CertainTeed Siding

  • Variety: Whether you’re going for a modern vibe or a more classic appearance, Certainteed offers a range of styles to fit your vision.
  • ColorPlus Technology: Nobody likes the look of faded siding. With CertainTeed’s ColorPlus Technology, you get colors that remain vibrant and resistant to fading, ensuring your home continues to look great over time.
  • Eco-Friendly: In today’s environmentally-conscious world, many homeowners appreciate Certainteed’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices. It’s a win for your home and the planet.

Three Top-Tier Benefits of Choosing Certainteed Siding

  • Durability: One of the main reasons homeowners opt for Certainteed is its resilience. Built to withstand harsh weather conditions, it’s a long-term investment that protects your home.
  • Design Flexibility: With its wide range of designs and colors, Certainteed sidings can effortlessly complement various architectural styles, allowing homeowners to achieve their desired exterior look.
  • Warranty: Investing in home renovation can be costly, so it’s reassuring that Certainteed provides long-term warranties. This not only reflects their confidence in the product but also ensures homeowners have peace of mind knowing they’re protected.

Basically, if you’re considering Certainteed, you’re looking at a brand that offers a blend of style, durability, and eco-friendly features. Whether it’s the aesthetic appeal, the lasting colors, or the environmental considerations, Certainteed has built a reputation for delivering quality siding solutions.

What Makes Alside Siding A Good Choice?

Alside is another heavyweight in the siding industry, known for its innovative designs and durability. Here’s a concise look at what Alside brings to the table:

Top Features of Alside Siding

  • TriBeam Design: At the heart of Alside’s siding is its patented TriBeam Design. This unique structure provides superior rigidity, ensuring the siding remains straight and resistant to warping over time.
  • Quality Material: Alside prides itself on its premium vinyl formulation. This means the siding is not just about looks; it’s crafted to last, resisting wear and tear even under challenging conditions.
  • Complete Solution: Beyond just siding, Alside offers various accessory products. This allows homeowners to create a cohesive and comprehensive exterior design, from trim to soffit.

Three Well-Known Benefits of Choosing Alside Siding

  • Wind Resistance: Those living in areas with high winds will particularly appreciate Alside’s siding. Designed to handle strong winds, it provides an added layer of protection to your home’s exterior.
  • Easy Maintenance: Home upkeep can be time-consuming, but Alside’s siding reduces that burden. A simple cleaning routine with soap and water is usually enough to keep it looking its best.
  • Energy Efficiency: Alside sidings come with options that boost energy efficiency. This can translate to savings on heating and cooling costs, making it a choice that’s not just good for the looks but also for your wallet in the long run.

Alside offers innovative design, durability, and a focus on energy efficiency. Homeowners who prioritize easy maintenance and long-term savings might find Alside siding the best choice for their renovation projects.

Let’s Take it a Step Deeper with a Head-to-Head Comparison of CertainTeed vs. Alside Siding.

Now that we know the basics about each brand let’s see how Certainteed and Alside compare:

Price Point and Value

  • Certainteed: While Certainteed may come at a slightly higher price point for some styles, the investment is backed by durability, warranty, and design versatility, offering good value for money.
  • Alside: Alside offers competitive pricing, especially when you factor in the potential energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. For homeowners on a budget who don’t want to compromise on quality, Alside is worth considering.

Aesthetic Appeal

  • Certainteed: Known for its versatile range of styles and colors, Certainteed offers something for every architectural taste. The ColorPlus Technology ensures that the colors remain vibrant over time.
  • Alside: With its streamlined designs and a rich palette of colors, Alside brings modernity to home exteriors. Their accessory products also help in creating a cohesive look.

Durability and Maintenance

  • Certainteed: Built for resilience, Certainteed’s siding can endure harsh conditions. The brand’s confidence in its durability is reflected in its long-term warranties.
  • Alside: Thanks to the TriBeam Design and premium vinyl formulation, Alside sidings are durable and easy to maintain. Their resistance to strong winds is a notable feature.

Both brands offer high-quality products tailored to homeowner needs and preferences. 

Making the Decision: Which Siding is Right for You?

Here’s the hard part of this comparison: Certainteed and Alside are leading brands in the siding industry for good reasons, and choosing one or the other is not a one-size-fits-all decision. It’s essential to: 

  • Assess Your Needs: Consider the New York climate, your home’s architectural style, and your budget.
  • Consult a Professional: Meet with our local siding specialist for tailored advice.
  • Visit Showrooms: See the products in person to get a feel for their texture, color, and quality. Unified Home Remodeling has locations in Baldwin, Brooklyn, Huntington, Patchogue, and Scarsdale.

Ultimately, both brands offer robust solutions. Your ideal choice will hinge on which features and benefits align most closely with your needs and priorities.

Are You Ready to Begin Your Siding Renovation Project? 

Choosing the right siding is more than just picking a color or material; it’s about investing in the protection, aesthetics, and value of your home. Certainteed and Alside are highly trusted brands in the industry, each with its own benefits.

We hope this comparison has provided clarity as you navigate your home renovation journey. Interested in exploring more? Flip through both brands’ siding brochures and or call us at (888) 631-2131 for a free estimate. Our professionals can make it much easier for you to keep your siding looking as good as new. All purchases with Unified are completed with an expert installation and a lifetime of peace and happiness.


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