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7 Fun Ideas for Incorporating Fountains or Ponds in Your Garden


Adding a water feature to your garden not only provides a stunning view of nature in motion but can also provide incredible stress relief and relaxation. Whether you’re looking for the tranquility of running water or want an eye-catching fountain as the centerpiece of your outdoor area, adding ponds or fountains to your garden will create even more beauty and ambiance. This blog post explores seven fun ideas for incorporating fountains or ponds into your backyard. From creating natural swimming pools with colorful fish that offer hours of entertainment to admiring lush greenery alongside cascading streams, these ideas will make any home garden beautiful while providing some well-needed ambiance.

1. Consider the Type of Fountain or Pond Before Purchasing

A beautiful fountain or pond can be a stunning addition to any outdoor space, offering tranquility and a touch of elegance. However, before you rush out and purchase, it’s crucial to consider the type of fountain or pond that will best suit your needs. Suppose you’re adding a fountain bird bath, you’ll want to ensure it’s large enough for the birds to bathe comfortably. Similarly, if you’re adding a pond or lake feature, consider the depth and size of the water body needed to accommodate all your aquatic plants and fish.


Different fountains and ponds offer various benefits, and choosing the right one for your garden is essential. Depending on the size of your backyard and what type of plants you want to incorporate, there are various options, from natural swimming pools with colorful fish to small, single-tier fountains for decorative purposes.

2. Use Appropriate Plants for Your Water Feature

When planning a water feature for your garden, selecting the right plants that will thrive in that environment is essential. Many water plants prefer shallow ponds and do best when placed in a location that receives at least six hours of sunlight daily. Consider adding a floating island to help create an oasis for frogs, birds, and other wildlife and provide shade for the fish.

Adding aquatic lilies and lotus plants to your water feature can create a vivid and visually stunning addition to any garden. Aquatic lilies are hardy plants that add a soft, romantic feel to any outdoor space. The large blooms come in various colors and sizes, from pink and white to yellow and orange, that will add vibrancy to your water feature.

3. Think About Placement

When it comes to adding new elements to your garden, placement is vital. Careful consideration should be given to how the new feature looks and feels in its surroundings. Think about the colors and size of the surrounding plants and the lighting conditions the area receives throughout the day.

Equally important is ensuring enough space for the new addition to fit comfortably. Avoid crowding your garden, and think about how all the components can complement each other. By considering these factors, you can ensure that your garden is beautiful but also functional and enjoyable to spend time in.

4. Choose a Style That Complements the Existing Landscape Design

Choosing a style that complements the existing landscape design is essential to creating a cohesive and harmonious outdoor space. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist aesthetic or a more traditional look, it is crucial to consider the colors and textures already present in your surroundings. By selecting a style that works with, rather than against, your existing landscape design, you can create an outdoor sanctuary that feels natural and inviting.

Take cues from the natural features of your property, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials and combinations to find a style that suits your taste. With some research and inspiration, you can create an outdoor oasis that feels like an extension of your home.

5. Incorporate Lighting

Lighting is an essential element in any garden, providing a soft yet inviting illumination that helps to accentuate the beauty of the surrounding plants and features. When designing your water feature, consider incorporating various types of lighting throughout the area. Fairy or rope lights look stunning when trailing along pathways, while spotlights are ideal for highlighting fountains or ponds.

Incorporating lighting into your water feature can also create a romantic atmosphere in the evening or provide hours of entertainment for young children. With so many options available, there is no limit to what you can achieve with a little creativity and imagination.

6. Create an Eco-Friendly Feature

Creating an eco-friendly water feature is a great way to ensure your outdoor space looks great and benefits the environment. Incorporating plants such as water lilies can help keep algae under control, while fish can provide a natural food source for birds and other wildlife. Consider using pumps powered by solar energy or recycled materials, such as stones or pottery pieces, which can help reduce your environmental impact while creating a visually stunning addition to your garden.

Additionally, using rainwater to fill and maintain your pond or fountain can help reduce water wastage. By taking the time to consider all these elements before creating a water feature, you can improve your outdoor space’s aesthetics and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

7. Think About the Maintenance of Your Water Feature

Water features require regular maintenance and care to remain in top condition. Consider what type of upkeep will be necessary when planning the feature, such as emptying and refilling it regularly or requiring chemicals or algae treatments. Additionally, consider who will take on this responsibility and whether you need any special equipment. Here are general tips to consider for the maintenance of your water feature:

  • Change the water regularly as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Clean fountains and pumps regularly to prevent clogging.
  • Check pH levels in ponds and adjust accordingly.
  • Monitor algae growth and use treatments if necessary.
  • Remove debris from fountain basins regularly.
  • Trim plants regularly to keep them healthy and attractive.

Properly maintaining your water feature ensures that it will remain an enjoyable aspect of your garden for years to come.

Creating a beautiful water feature in your garden can be the perfect way to add a touch of serenity and tranquility to any outdoor space. With careful consideration of the plants, placement, style, lighting, and proper maintenance, you can create an oasis that will be enjoyed by both yourself and wildlife for many years to come.

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