Your Roof is Your Home
Published on: December 26th, 2018 By: Steven DiMare

Your roof is your home’s primary line of defense against inclement weather. If there are cracks, gaps or any other kind of damage, moisture can invade the structure of our home. Even small leaks that go unfixed or undetected can invade your homes structure.

One of the many ways to prevent exterior damage to your home is to make sure your roof gutter drainage system functions well. Make sure that there is sufficient air flow through all of the soffits and roof vents. By doing this you will be reducing the buildup of heat and moisture and can help extend the life of your roof. To help keep your home damage free you should be cleaning debris from gutters and downspouts. Inspecting them regularly can help prevent unneeded repairs. Keeping the roof free from leaves and twigs will also allow for proper drainage. Check your attic, plumbing vents and chimneys for any leaks. If you’ve noticed water stains on the ceiling you may need an assessment.

Your windows are another vulnerable area of the house. Cracks, gaps and unsealed windows can cause conditioned air to escape your home. Allowing heat to escape your home will leave you feeling uncomfortable. Unified can replace your old windows with durable custom made products. Whether you’re looking for replacement or new construction windows, we have specific products to meet your needs. We offer energy efficient vinyl, wood or fiberglass windows that offer comfort and energy efficiency.

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