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Why Vinyl Siding?

When should a homeowner consider vinyl siding? Most people don’t realize the different reasons and benefits to covering their home with vinyl siding products.

People often get estimates when they have to paint their existing wood siding. All vinyl products are maintenance-free these days and never need painting once installed. Another popular reason is the look of the home. Siding can make a plain, dull house look like it’s newly built. Other reasons to side a house are not as well known.

A most important benefit many homeowners do not realize involves insulation values. Before installing new siding, the house is wrapped with insulation board. The many different insulation boards available not only eliminate drafts, but also drastically reduce heating and cooling costs. When a house has no insulation or poor insulation inside the walls, a top quality insulation board on the exterior before siding the house can increase the insulation value drastically.

Houses near the ocean often have problems with exterior wood rot. Vinyl siding, trim, shutters and columns can keep that same house maintenance-free forever and completely impervious to nature’s elements.

When planning to sell a home, the front of the house can be made over for as little as $2,000—with all new trim installed. Once again, a small investment can add thousands to the resale value of the house, as well as making it easier to sell.

For insulation, value, appearance and maintenance, vinyl siding may be something a homeowner can’t afford not to consider!

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