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What You Should Know Before Your Next Masonry Project

preparing your home for a masonry project

If you have scheduled a masonry project to be completed in your home in the near future there are a few things you can do to make the process easier. Whether you’re having a walkway or driveway being installed, or you’re having other stonework being done here is how you can prepare your home for the installation.

Clear Away Furniture From the Construction Area

This is very important as you need to ensure there is plenty of room for the contractors to work while installing your new driveway or walkway. Aside from the obvious of moving your cars, you also need to move any furniture, toys, or other lawn fixtures that might get in the way. A clear worksite will allow our team to move freely and unload the necessary tools and materials needed to work on your masonry project. 

If you are having stonework done on the side of your home, clear away any furniture from your porch, and also make sure there is a clear path for the workers to access the portion of the house that is being worked on. 

Keep Children and Pets Away From the Work Area

Even if the area being worked on is small, or you think the job isn’t a big deal, the fact is while your home is being worked on you should think of it as an active worksite. This means it’s not an appropriate place for children or pets to have free reign. Not only can it pose a risk of injury to them but it can make it unsafe for those working on your home as well. To ensure your project comes out perfectly, allow the contractors to work freely and without any distractions. 

home masonry construction - how to prepare your home

Make Sure Your Home is Accessible

It’s important that your home is completely accessible to the workers to ensure there is no delay in the work. This means making sure gates are unlocked if work is being done in your backyard or side yard. If you live in a gated community it means providing access codes or letting the guard booth know that you have workers coming to your home. If any specific instructions for accessing your home or backyard is needed, be sure to communicate them to your contact prior to installation day. 

Tell Them Before Your Leave

You’re not required to stay home for the duration of the work, however, if you are planning to leave you should let them know. This way if they need access to another part of your house, or have any questions for you they can ask you now. It’s also a good idea to provide them with a phone number to reach you in the event they have a question or if they run into any issues. 

Give Your Neighbors a Heads Up

Any type of home improvement project can cause a bit of a disturbance to your neighbors due to noise. To avoid disturbing your neighbors we advise homeowners to give your neighbors a heads up about work and how long you anticipate it to go on for. If you live on a block where it’s common for people to park on the street, you may also want to let them know there will be additional vehicles on your street during that time.  

Provide Access to Power Outlets

The mason workers may need to have access to electrical outlets while they are working. To ensure there is no disruption in the workflow you should ensure they have easy access to outlets. Exterior outlets are ideal, but if your home does not have any, a garage outlet will work as well. If they need to utilize interior outlets for any reason they can simply run extension cords through a door or window.

Mark or Protect Your Plants & Trees

It’s a good idea to mark any trees, plants, flowerbeds, or bushes that you don’t want damaged while work is being done. It’s also a good idea to place netting or a tarp as an added protective layer. If you have potted plants on your deck or near the work areas they should be moved a safe distance away. 

Turn the Sprinklers Off

Since all of the work on a masonry project is completed outdoors, it’s very important that your sprinklers don’t go off while the workers are at your home. It’s also a good idea to mark the sprinkler system and each sprinkler head so the masonry workers can easily identify their locations.

tips for preparing for your next stone masonry project

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