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Unified Products Meet the Stimulus Guidelines Immediately

unified home remodeling on Long Island, NY

Window and Door industry has been thrown into a panic with the recent signing of the stimulus bill in Washington. There have been dramatic changes and some unbelievable opportunities for consumers of new windows, doors, siding and insulation. Providing you’re buying the proper product lines, you can receive 30% off your home improvement project up to $1500.00 directly from Uncle Sam. That can allow the homeowner to pay as little as a contractor would pay to do the job on his or her own house. Many window and door manufacturers cannot meet the new stringent qualifications to be eligible for the huge federal rebates, but others have made the changes and are supplying product lines that fully qualify. It’s very important that you ask your contractor which products qualify and have them write it into your contract so there is no misunderstandings. For example, if you buy $5000.00 worth of qualified products you will receive a full $1500.00 tax credit (not a deduction but an actual credit) on your federal tax return and may also be eligible for additional rebates from companies like National Grid if you’re a gas heating customer. Remember to save all your paperwork and the Energy Star stickers from your windows and doors. You should call your tax consultant and National Grid before you count on the rebates but 30% is certainly worth the time and effort.

Steven DiMare, CEO of Unified Windows, Doors, Siding and Roofing, said, “We moved very quickly with the help of our manufacturers to bring our product lines up to speed. Fortunately when starting with quality products, it wasn’t complicated to reach the goals. We currently have many window lines that qualify as well as doors, patio doors, storm doors, siding insulation and attic insulation. Naturally all of our products always come with a lifetime guarantee.”

Unified has showrooms in Hempstead Village, Huntington and Patchogue and are open 7 days a week. You can contact them at (516) 481-3000 or (631) 612-2510 or visit their website at www.uwds.com.

So consider doing that needed home improvement now and save up to 30%. It may be an offer you can’t pass up.

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