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Unified Brings Triple Glass to Market

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Unified Window Systems Inc. over the past 20 years has consistently brought to market the newest innovations for insulating your home. As in the past, they have improved their product line again with their Triple Glass Windows. Located at 299 Peninsula Blvd. in Hempstead Village and 373 Jericho Tpke. in Huntington, these new windows are on display 7 days a week.

This new concept adds a third piece of glass that is hermetically sealed together. Chase Peres, Vice President of Unified, explains, “We use a Low E coating on two of the pieces of glass and add a special Krypton gas inside the glass. Krypton gas insulates better than Argon gas in the smaller spaces and increases the insulation value of the glass by over 100%. The most amazing part of this new window is the price savings we’re offering during the introduction period. The Double Hung window has a manufacturers suggested retail price of $690.00 but we have it on sale fully installed for $399.00.”

The new window is Energy Star approved and fully qualifies for the government Tax Credits. Steven DiMare, Unified’s CEO, said, “Our $279.00 window is also Energy Star approved and qualifies for the same tax credits. The new triple glass window is just better at insulating your home than the government deems necessary.”

When asked if the new window was overkill, Chase Peres responded, “Some people may feel they don’t need this type of energy efficiency. Other customers may have a serious noise issue that the triple glass will help reduce. Others just may want to compare the $500.00 to $600.00 windows offered by other companies to our products. Our new window will allow them to compare apples to apples. We’re not sure how long we can keep the price at $399.00 but I’m sure our competitors hope it’s not too long.”

For more information about Unified Windows, Doors, Siding and Roofing, their two showrooms are open 7 days a week or call them at (516) 481-3000 or on line at www.uwds.com.

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