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Unified and Owens Corning Go ‘Green’ Together:

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Unified Windows Systems, Inc. has partnered with Owens Corning Corporation to use the trademarked Atticat System. Chief Executive Officer of Unified, Steven DiMare, explains that the new revolutionary machinery blows expanding Pink Panther Owens Corning insulation into attic spaces to raise the “R” value of an attic’s current insulation as high as R60. The new design is lightweight and can get the insulation easily up to any attic space.

According to DiMare, “The non-itch pink insulation can save a huge portion of your oil or gas bills in the winter, as well as drastically cut your electric bills for air conditioning in the summer. With this product, going green is simple and can reduce greenhouse emissions by over half a ton each year.” Steve adds that houses lose up to 40 percent of heat and air-conditioning through the attic.

“For under $2,000.00 you can cut your energy bills drastically,” says Chase Peres, Vice President of Unified. In an interview with Joe Russo of Owens Corning, Peres said, “This Pink Panther insulation is non-corrosive, non-combustible, won’t ever absorb moisture and doesn’t support any type of mold growth. It’s the perfect product to help make a house green.”

“This is a great partnership,” DiMare said. “We already use Owens Corning Roofing material on thousands of houses on Long Island and the five boroughs; this is just another way to help customers get their houses sealed up so they can lower their costs on energy.” DiMare’s focus on his customers’ needs is the mainstay of Unified’s growth in the marketplace. He cites the company’s success to be directly attributed to its founding philosophy — “to treat your customers as you would want to be treated, to provide the best quality products for the best price you can and to put together a contract that’s a winning deal for everyone.”

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