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Roof Maintenance Tips That Every Homeowner Should Remember

Man performing roof maintenance on his home.

Roof maintenance is a necessary task of homeownership. One of the most expensive and important things to repair or replace on your home is your roof. The lifespan of roofs varies depending on where you live and what material your roof is made of. Some homeowners replace their roofs because they reached the end of the estimated lifespan; others replace their roofs after a storm significantly damaged them. But there are ways to prolong the life of your roof and avoid having to replace it sooner rather than later.

It’s worth it to do what you can to extend your roof’s lifespan and get the most of what you paid for. We have compiled a checklist of roof maintenance tips you can do yourself to extend the life of your roof, save money, and keep your house looking its best.

1. Give Your Trees a Fresh Trim

Large, mature trees can be a beautiful addition to your property, but they can also create a significant threat to your roof. Falling branches, leaves, and other overhangs can break and fall onto the roof. These can damage shingles or trap moisture in and around your home. To prevent this, trim away overhanging branches to stop the damage from falling branches and stop moisture from building up.

2. Regularly Clean Out Your Gutters

No roof maintenance checklist would be complete without this tip. Grab some gloves and your ladder and give it a shot. Cleaning out your gutters is a critical part of maintaining your roof. When it rains, the water moves from your roof into your gutters and flows safely to the ground. If you notice clogged gutters, there’s a high risk that water will pool on your roof. This can eventually cause your roof and fascia to rot. Loose gravel from asphalt shingles is a sign of severe wear, so it may be time to replace your roof if you see a lot of it in your gutters.

Pro Tip: This is an essential roof maintenance tip! We highly encourage you to clean out your gutters twice a year–late spring and early fall. Also, consider adding gutter guards if leaves and debris build up more often.

3. Inspect the Roof Flashings for Damage

The flashing on your roof is a thin metal material that directs water away to ensure there’s no accumulation and helps seal gaps or openings your roof may have from your chimney or any skylights. You don’t want water leaking into your home, so make sure to pay attention to it. Over time, these joints may develop holes or corrosion in a few specific spots. It’s essential to identify any rusting or damage to flashing and replace it as necessary to prevent damage. We want to make your roof stronger and keep you dry.

For more minor leaks, you can use roofing cement to patch things up. For larger sections of damage, you may need to replace the flashing altogether.

4. Inspect your Attic and Ceiling for Leaks

Look up. Do you see any water stains on your ceiling? These stains can be unsightly but also mean that you need to do some roof maintenance. It’s necessary to check your ceilings and attic for water damage regularly. One of the most common warning signs is a musty odor in certain rooms. Other signs include spots on your exterior walls and bulging patches on your interior walls.

5. Replace Worn, Old, or Damaged Shingles

Shingles are a common material used in roofing installations in New York, but they can suffer from age and bad weather. Over time, these shingles can develop bald spots that make them less protective for your home. They may also warp, curl at the edges, break, or slide off. If you notice large patches of damaged or missing shingles, call Unified, the best roofers on Long Island, to replace your roof before the long brutal winter begins.

If you’ve got a metal roof installed, be sure to repair and replace damaged, rusted, or loose panels. The same suggestion goes for tile roofs where the tiling is loose, missing, or damaged.

Now is the time to take care of your roof, no matter what time of year it is. Take proactive measures and inspect your roof often to catch any potential issues before they become too serious. Regular roof maintenance will provide you with less stress and save you money by preventing the need for more expensive repairs and may result in a few minor repairs before the damage spreads.

What if Roof Maintenance Isn’t Enough? 

If you determine that your roof maintenance efforts are doing nothing to help your aging roof and must be replaced, hire a local professional roofing contractor. Unified Home Remodeling offers professional and affordable roof installations in Long Island, NY. 

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