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7 Tips for Maintaining Your Stone Patio Pavers.

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Summer has arrived, and cookout season is in full effect. This means more outdoor get-togethers with friends, neighbors, and loved ones. If you have stone patio pavers installed in your backyard oasis or front yard–you must ensure they are maintained properly. With these helpful maintenance tips, your durable outdoor additions will last for years to come.

Continue reading and see these seven tips to care for any pavers on your home and keep them looking excellent all year round

1. Begin Sweeping Regularly

Just had a function at your house? Maybe your yard is heavily covered by trees. No matter the environment, regular sweeping is one of the best ways to maintain your stone pavers. Dirt, dust, and debris can quickly accumulate and prematurely break them down. Luckily, this step is simple and shouldn’t take long to complete.

2. Remove Stubborn Stains

If you’ve been sweeping your pavers regularly but notice a stubborn stain–you’ll want to remove it sooner than later. Spot cleaning should do the trick to get your pavers back to their former glory. Grab a deck brush, warm water, and a mild detergent to remove the stain and your stone patio pavers will look good as new!

3. Avoid Harsh Cleaners

Every once in a while, your stone pavers may need a little bit more TLC than your usual sweeping schedule. If so, pick up your hose and rinse them off. Stick to mild cleaners–or just water! You may be tempted to grab something harsh, but this can strip the color from your pavers and cause them to fade.

4. Pull Up The Weeds!

This should be an obvious one, but not only are weeds between your pavers an eyesore, but they can also cause problems down the road. Instead of continuously pulling them up every few days, try an all-natural solution like vinegar and water to rid them for good.

5. Replace Badly Stained or Broken Patio Pavers

Maybe you’ve used all the maintenance tips and tricks above, and that stubborn stain just won’t budge, or you notice chips of your pavers missing. What’s to do next? Remove and replace them. You can often remove the unsightly pavers and replace them without disturbing the other pavers around it, and here’s how:

  1. Locate the stone patio paver that needs removing.
  2. Remove the sand around the paver.
  3. Use two flathead screwdrivers (or something similar) to lift the paver out gently.

Pro Tip: Gently rock the paver back and forth to edge it out slowly so you do not damage it further. If you need a professional hand with this process, contact us.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in extending the life of your outdoor space, consider learning more about brick paver patios and how they can complement your stone installations while offering similar durability and aesthetic appeal. In most cases, brick pavers are low maintenance and can be easily replaced if necessary.

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6. Ensure That Your Patio Pavers Are Sealed

Paver sealers are mandatory–though some may forget this critical step when installing stone pavers. Most pavers are outside, meaning they are exposed to elements 24/7. Paver sealer is an effective way to protect them! Just like paint sealant on your car, make sure you give your pavers the same love. 

This maintenance tip works hand-in-hand with two other tips above–weed maintenance and spot cleaning! Sealants will help the pavers resist stains, deter weed growth, and enhance the stone’s natural color.

Please note that sealants are generally applied every 3-5 years, but patios that see heavy traffic will need to be sealed more often.

7. Remain Consistent

Try your best to remain consistent with the above tips to maintain your pavers to the best of your ability. If you do nothing else, a quick sweep and rinse will go a long way–but if you want them to look brand new for years to come, implement all the tips above.

Patio paving is a long-lasting and beautiful way to make your outdoor living space pop. Patio pavers are an excellent investment that adds character and beauty to your yard, but they require some upkeep. With a bit of effort, you can keep your patio looking its best with a regular cleaning routine.

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