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Steel Doors​

Unified’s entry doors are designed for energy efficiency, security, and sturdiness without sacrificing beauty. They are available in: steel – smooth or textured finished, fiberglass- textured, and signet fiberglass. They are made to enhance your entryway and satisfy the unique taste of each customer. Unified offers a variety of colors with an extensive collection of decorative glass with over 80 available door styles and available in 5 arch top shapes. Unified sets the industry standard for custom, top of the line entry doors.

Unified Steel Entry Door NewYork

Unified’s steel entry doors are the most secure entry doors on the market, enhanced with a 20 gauge steel door panel as well as a 19” wood lock block with 14 gauge steel reinforcement U-channel which wards off break-ins at the lock location. These doors are also well insulated with injected polyurethane foam filling every gap within the door as well as rolled steel door edges with a vinyl thermal break, which prevents heat transfer. This door collection is available in both smooth and textured steel as well as being custom made to fit your entryway, which makes it the perfect door for your home.

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