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Everything You Need To Know: Steel Doors

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When it comes to buying a door for your home, you want something long lasting, insulated, secure, and most importantly beautiful. HMI and Unified have paired up to bring the best doors to the market. Providing both steel and fiberglass door options, Unified has the highest quality doors for the absolute best price. With the advanced engineering from HMI and the outstanding customer service from Unified, there is no place better to get the doors you need for your home.

Unified’s steel entry doors are the most secure entry doors on the market, enhanced with a 20 gauge steel door panel as well as a 19” wood lock block with 14 gauge steel reinforcement U-channel which wards off break-ins at the lock location. These doors are also well insulated with injected polyurethane foam filling every gap within the door as well as rolled steel door edges with a vinyl thermal break, which prevents heat transfer. This door collection is available in both smooth and textured steel as well as being custom made to fit your entryway, which makes it the perfect door for your home.



The HMI steel doors are the most advanced on the market to bring you the safety, functionality and design you need. These steel doors are 20 gauge… yes 20 gauge, enhancing their security, making sure your home and the loved ones in it are protected. They contain a 19” wood lock block with 14-gauge steel reinforcement U-Channel that wards off break-ins. With these advanced engineered features as well as the Anti-Pry ball bearing hinges that come equipped with every steel door from Unified, they make for some of the safest and secure doors on the market.


The most important function of a door is its insulation. You want your door to keep the warm air in during the cold winters and the warm air out in the hot summers. Unified’s doors are designed for optimal insulation. Every steel door is injected with performance enhancing polyurethane foam. This foam expands as it is injected into the door and makes the door as insulated as your walls while still being lighter than most steel doors on the market. Another feature these unique one of a kind door have are their rolled steel door edges. These edges have a vinyl thermal break imbedded in them the full length of the perimeter that prevents heat transfer. These are the type of features that not only keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer but also save you money on your heating bills.


Unified has the most amount of options to choose from for your doors. They are custom made to fit your specific needs and wants. Available in both smooth and textured steel, these doors can catch the attention of people passing by your home. With 30+ pain colors to choose from for the smooth steel and 6 stain finishes for the textured steel, Unified has one of the most customizable options for steel doors out there for the most cost-efficient price. These doors will also last you a lifetime. With composite railing at the top and bottom of the door, this will deter and rotting or warping of the door that other doors will inevitably face after years of wear and tear.

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