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Signs You Have a Pest Infestation (And What to Do About It)


Pests can be the cause of a great number of problems and can significantly decrease the quality of life. The truth is that pest infestations can vary based on the time of year, meaning that at some points they can culminate and start to spread. Pest infestations are a common thing, and every home, workplace, and industrial space is at risk of being infested, but especially the places where food is prepared, sold, and stored. Nevertheless, these spaces need to be checked out, as you can face serious problems whose consequences can be quite difficult to deal with. Truth be told, the pests are essentially harmless on their own, but there is a great health risk connected to the pests. So, we have prepared a list of things that can help you recognize pest infestations.


Droppings may be one of the most obvious signs that you have pests roaming in your area. Just as the team at a company that offers pest control in Fairfield, CT suggest, these unwanted guests and their traces may significantly ruin your peace of mind. It can be a bit demanding to identify the pest’s droppings when compared to some other droppings. Depending on the size of the droppings, you can identify what kind of pests are roaming around. In cases where you are dealing with insect infestations, it may take you some time to identify the droppings, which can mean that the infestation outgrew the droppings since they became an obvious sign.


Footprints are yet another obvious sign that you have unwanted guests in your home. A series of footprints is a certain sign indicating that your area is indeed infested by pests such as rats and mice. In the event that more than one pest has been wandering around, the tracks of their movement will be smeared all over the place. In the majority of cases, despite this being a very bad experience, by following the tracks, you will be able to recognize where your pests are coming from.

Equipment and Property Damage

Further indicators that you are dealing with pest infestations are any damage that may occur to your items or within the area that is easily accessible to the pests. Some of the typical damages include chewed furniture, wiring, wooden materials, and loose items. Other types of physical damage may include damage in food areas where you can find traces of chewed items, such as food packaging and containers, which can lead to wasted food and hence negatively affect health conditions.

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The indicator confirms that pests are in their nests. Finding evidence of the nests created by the pests is something that indicates that you are dealing with an even more serious situation than you originally assumed. Depending on the type of nests and pests that created them, there may be evidence that can widely vary. Pests such as wasps, bees, and ants will have nests that are easy to identify, while rodent nests are the ones that are quite demanding to locate.

Unusual Odor

An unpleasant smell may spread all around your home without any reason for the odor to spread. In the majority of cases, this odor may indicate that pests have infested the area. Pests such as rodents are typically accompanied by an ammonia scent, which is more linked to urine, while cockroaches are known to emit a greasy and oily smell. 

Signs of Cockroaches

Speaking of some more specific signs of pests, cockroaches are known to leave body parts behind. So, if you have stumbled across the cockroach’s body parts, then you should be calling pest control as soon as possible. Greasy odors and eggs all around your home are also pretty solid evidence that you have unwanted guests in your home. Unlike some other pests, cockroaches leave smaller droppings, so you might have some issues recognizing their traces. 

Signs of Rats and Mice

A lot of people live in fear of these pests, as they are known for carrying diseases and destroying your living space. You may find droppings scattered all over the place, signs of chewing on the furniture and some other materials, footprints, rustling noises, and the ammonia odor. In case you cannot spot them on your own, you should call professionals as soon as possible. 

Pests can be quite a headache, especially if you spot them a bit later. However, today, there are some innovative and effective ways to deal with this problem that might help you eliminate it once and for all. You just need to be really attentive and take care of your home’s hygiene as much as possible.

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