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Silent, Sleek, Secure: The Best Composite Laminated Glass Window on the Market at Half the Cost

All home owners want the best and most reliable improvements for their home in order to keep themselves as well as their loved ones safe and happy. Luckily, Owens Corning, who is a leader in insulation, roofing, and fiberglass composites for 80 years, has partnered with Unified Windows Systems Inc. to create the safest, most durable window to make your house the best it can be. These new windows are custom made with technology that is continuously being improved on by an engineering team. The Safe & Sound window is the only window with this advanced technology that has earned a “Gold Label” from the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association. The glass used for this window is very much like the glass used for the windshield of your car… it’s that safe. With the windows outstanding features such as its: Quad seal lock, triple weather stripping, “Dura-lite’” glass, Owens Corning’s unique and patented structural foam technology, and much more, it is the best composite window on the market.

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Whether it’s a storm, intruder or an accident the glass will never shatter. The Safe & Sound window has an engineered triple layer laminated glass (just like your auto glass) That will never have glass fall to the ground. Don’t believe us? Look at how this hammer stands up to the Safe and Sound Window (Video)With this revolutionizing technology, that is exclusive to Unified Windows, the Safe & Sound window is the only window on the market with this feature. Additionally, this window includes security barriers between the glass as well as heavy duty dual cam locks. Theseblock intruders from easily entering your home in any way. Our goal is to keep your family safe.


Everyone wants to feel secure in their home and never wants to be bothered by surrounding noises. You know the constant construction going on near your house or that highway that is next to your home that keeps you up? The Safe & Sound window has you covered. With the best sound reduction on the market the Safe & Sound window is able to make you more comfortable in your home. The secret to the noise cancelation in the Safe & Sound window is the engineered glass and structure components made to keep outsides noises from penetrating through the window. This window revolutionizes the noise cancellation in your home.


Not only is the Safe & Sound window from Unified currently reduced in price by $300, but always comes custom made, and fully installed. This window will also save you money on your heating and cooling bills. The advanced technology used in this window is 24% better in preventing air leakage than any other window on the market. Assuring a customizable fit as well as going beyond the standard Low-e & Argon gasses used in other windows, the Safe & Sound windows has the help of Owens Corning’s patented high-performance insulation to make sure no unwanted air enters or escapes your house. The laminated quad-glazed 7/8” insulated glass improves thermal performance which allows you to protect your valuable furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays while being able to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This window is worth every penny.


The Safe and Sound window design is astonishing. The custom-made window is made to fit your house like a glove as well as giving your house that look you always wanted. Strong, durable and resistant material helps the Safe & Sound window give you the security you need with the aesthetic design you want. Being the best designed window on the market the Safe & Sound windows come with triple weather stripping and a positive water runoff with a true slope sill that is designed with a traditional look. With a fully welded sash and 3 1/4’” frame the Safe & Sound window provides strength, rigidity and longevity to your household. These are only some of the aesthetic features of this window, it also has a unique stepped and beveled exterior frame as well as integral double wall lift handles for easy operation.


Each window is custom fit for your home to the 1/8th of an inch, that is the best you will ever get in the window manufacturing industry. While fitting your house perfectly you are also able to choose from a variety of colors, grids, and upgrades to meet your needs. The Safe & Sound windows can come with a two-tone pain if you want the inside to match the room while the outside to match the house. There are also decorative grids between the glass to give your home the look you want, as well as full screens and even a Hurricane upgrade that can further enhance the security of your windows and home overall.

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