Roofing Has Come a Long Way
Published on: June 12th, 2003 By: Steven DiMare

In years past, roofing manufacturers made shingles and left the installing to the contractors. This process left many jobs installed differently than the manufacturer intended. If not installed properly or not in the manner the manufacturer intended, the shingles that are guaranteed to the last 30 years may only last 10. If the attic’s ventilation system is closed off or covered up, the shingles can crack or curl up prematurely. If the wrong underlayment is applied, problems that develop from mold or fungus can destroy the roof or even the wood framing itself.

These days, the good manufacturers as well as contractors work closely together. Like any great team or partnership, communication is vital. Recently, GAF Corporation, a manufacturer of roofing shingles as well as other supplies, started an installation program. The company developed what they consider to be the best installation process, combined with the best products, and called it the five step system.

This unique partnership with an installation company ensures such a great finished product that the customer gets better warranties than previously available. In some cases, using certain products from GAF and using a certified contractor can guarantee a homeowner’s roof for as long as they own the home.

The five step system entails attic ventilation being installed when needed, special rubberized type membrane along certain areas of the roof to form a leak barrier, as well as roof deck protection and high quality shingles. In many areas, teamwork has always been the best way to get results, but the concept has only recently been applied to the building supply industry.

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