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Window Replacements & Installations in New York

Shopping for replacement windows in Long Island, New York, can be very complicated, which is why you should work with a professional window contractor. It is very important that you pay attention to the details, to ensure you choose the right replacement windows for your home.

The window glass, framing material, energy efficiency, durability, and of course the overall design of your new windows are just some of the features to consider when purchasing new windows for your home. Our team of highly-trained window contractors at Unified will help you make the right decision. Our window installation experts have been in the industry for over 30 years and understand how to turn your dream home into a reality.

Our home remodeling specialists are up to date with the newest window trends and can help you select the perfect replacement windows for your particular home design. Over 150,000 homeowners have joined the #UnifiedFamily by choosing Unified as their home remodeling experts, if you need to replace the windows in your home, contact us today.

Available Options for Replacement Windows

Unified has been installing and repairing windows since the day we opened back in 1989. Windows are our number one selling product with a lifetime warranty on labor and materials. All of Unified’s replacement windows are custom made to fit the unique opening in your home, ensuring that the windows function properly and there is no air leakage into your home. Unified is a preferred window contractor for all our manufacturers,  include brand names like Andersen, Pella and Ideal.

Whether you are looking to install new windows, or replace the existing windows in your home, our team is ready to help. Customers can choose from a wide variety of color options, grid options, styles, hardware, and materials for your windows. 

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From your Free Estimate, our professionals will help you build a replacement window package that maximizes style, energy efficiency, and performance specifically to fit your needs and wants. All purchases with Unified are finalized with an expert installation and a lifetime of peace and happiness.

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Andersen 400 Series windows have beautiful wood interiors and tough Perma-Shield® exteriors. The Perma-Shield® exterior was formulated by Andersen in 1966 to enable wood windows to have tough vinyl exteriors. Perma-Shield® exteriors are low maintenance and do not require any painting. The 400 Series is the most popular choice for wood interior replacement windows, and they offer more color options and flexibility than any other product on the market. They also have extensive exterior trim kit options.