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Home Remodeling Trends On A Budget For 2022

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A stylish, well-designed exterior sets the tone for your entire home. Remodeling the exterior of your house will boost your home’s value, curb appeal, and will contribute to creating a setting and lifestyle that suits your style. Each of these six home remodeling trends and ideas offers a different approach to the aesthetic of the exterior of your house. All these home styles and project ideas share one thing in common, they’re all bold design choices that can elevate any home’s exterior ambiance on a budget.

1) Driveways & Walkways

With a new paver driveway and walkway, your home’s curb appeal will skyrocket!

In 2022 we are seeing more homeowners wanting to upgrade their driveways. They either want to expand them or make their driveway and walkway seamless with pavers. Adding pavers for your driveway will increase your home’s curb appeal instead of an asphalt or concrete driveway. So many homeowners are switching to a paver driveway because of the availability of various designs, styles, and color selections. 

Pavers allow you to be creative with the way your home’s driveway and walkway will look. When using asphalt or concrete, your choices are limited, and the designs to choose from are minimal. With pavers, you can have different styles and colors, add a border, and make your driveway seamless with your walkway and stoop. These options allow homeowners to get creative and style their homes the way they want. 

The driveway of your home can make a big difference in the aesthetic of your house. A new driveway is not an expensive project and can tremendously boost your home’s curb appeal. This is why we are seeing so many homeowners in 2022 start to get rid of their asphalt and concrete driveways and start to incorporate pavers instead. 

2) Front Entrance Doors

The front door of your home is the first thing people see and is a prominent part of your home’s curb appeal. 

Changing your front entry door does not need to be an expensive project. There are many doors available that are affordable and can boost your home’s curb appeal and increase the value of your home. The most popular door homeowners are going to in 2022 are craftsman-style doors. These doors have a combination of a modern and traditional look and are available in many styles and colors. 

The trend in 2022 we are seeing is black doors. Many homeowners like the look of a black door that draws attention to their home’s entrance. A dark door with white capping and a light siding color will make the features of your door stand out tremendously.

3) Exterior Siding

Many homeowners think they need to re-side their whole house when getting new siding. 

While we recommend this budget-friendly upgrade to make your home match and increase the insulation value of your home, the affordable way to redo your siding is only to do the front of your house. Everyone sees the front of your home; the sides and back of your house are rarely seen, and residing in the front of your home will give it a new look, increasing the curb appeal and value of your property. 

The trends we are seeing homeowners use involve dark siding and masonry work. A dark blue siding with gray stonework is a trendy look in 2022. The other popular look we see is white siding with dark accents like black windows and doors. Whatever your preference is, the best way to increase the value of your home while getting a new look is to upgrade the front of your home first. You can always worry about the sides and back of your home later.

4) Exterior Accents

Gutters, facia, soffit, and capping are the most important accents to your home. 

Rather than getting your roof replaced or your windows and doors replaced, you can upgrade the soffit, fascia, and capping around your home to give it a fresh new look. These accent materials will make a big difference in your home’s aesthetic and curb appeal. They make your home’s primary colors stand out and give your home a fresh look at an affordable price. 

5) Windows

Are you bored with traditional white window frames? 

In recent years, black window frames have become a popular choice for decorators and builders throughout the country. Besides being an exciting change from the traditional white window frame, they also dress up the inside and outside of your home.

Black windows and doors are a new trend that many manufacturers are starting to notice. They are often paired with either white siding or dark siding with stonework. We saw an increase in black windows installed throughout 2021, and we expect more homes to add this aesthetic to the style of their home this year in 2022. 

Before 2021, black windows and doors were not used because the dark colors would attract heat and cause warping and decrease the overall life of the products. However, manufacturers have worked on producing dark-colored products that last just as long as traditional white windows and doors in the past year. Look for this trend in your neighborhood this year!

6) Outdoor Living Spaces

More robust exterior house designs in 2022 will emphasize outdoor spaces that accommodate prolonged time outdoors.

Outdoor living is becoming more and more popular in 2022. With the burst of people moving from the cities to the suburbs–they are looking to add masonry and brick over their lawns in the back and front of their homes. Backyard pavers, stonework, kitchens, fireplaces, seating areas, and pergolas are becoming increasingly popular in New York, especially on Long Island. 

We see more newly built homes have these outdoor living areas as an important selling feature. These features dramatically increase the value of a home and are becoming more of a standard on homes today. If you are looking to increase the value of your property while also adding a beautiful modern look to your home, outdoor living areas are the way to go. 

Bonus Trend: Improving Your Unfinished Attic.

When your attic is unfinished and not adequately insulated, the temperature of your home will fluctuate dramatically throughout the year.

Do you ever feel like your house is freezing in the winter months or scorching hot in the summer months? This is probably due to the fact that your home is not insulated adequately. One of the most affordable ways to make your home more comfortable while also increasing its value in 2022 is to add insulation into your unfinished attic. 

The insulation in your attic is significant for your home’s overall energy efficiency. With a properly insulated attic, you can save up to 20% on your home’s energy costs. This could save you hundreds of dollars a year in heating and cooling costs. The best attic insulation for your unfinished attic is Loose-fill Owens Corning Atticat insulation. This insulation lays on your attic floor, making your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The insulation is easy to install, and once it is installed, you never have to worry about it again. You will instantly start to feel the difference in your home’s temperature after the installation is completed. 

An energy-efficient home is a valuable upgrade to highlight when placing your home on the market. Not only will this upgrade to your home make it more comfortable and energy-efficient, but it will also increase the value of your property. Adding attic insulation and making sure your home is as energy efficient as possible can increase the value of your home by over 10%! This makes attic insulation an easy choice when upgrading your home in 2022.


Stay on Trend and on Budget with Unified Home Remodeling

With this information, we hope you have a better sense of some budget-friendly exterior design trends for 2022, and you feel motivated to update and redesign the curb appeal of your home. Follow your gut and only incorporate trends you love and would utilize regardless of whether they were current trends. This is your house, so we want you to design the exterior in a way that makes you happy. 

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