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Green Takes on a New Meaning for Consumer Savings

To some it means cold, hard cash and to others, it’s a well-tended, lush lawn. However, in today’s world, the word “green” has taken on a new meaning—in the news, in the markets, and in everyday conversation. At present, green translates to respecting our environment, and to consumers, most often the implication brought by the term is that the item or project in question was built using environmentally safe products, but in many cases there are consumer advantages to a green product that transcend even the environmental benefits.

A green energy star vinyl window, for instance, is just as much about saving a consumer some money as it is about saving the environment. For the approximately $30 to $40 more you pay for an Energy Star or “Green” window, you are saving yourself any amount of money on your future utility bills. The product is made to save you fuel for heat, as well as electricity for air conditioning.

The special low E coating utilized by the energy star windows keeps the sun’s harmful and heating ultraviolet rays out of your home in the summer, allowing less heat to enter your house, causing the amount of electricity used to keep it cool in the summer at a much lower rate than an average window could. In the winter, the coating helps in the opposite way, keeping the heat from radiators fueled by oil or gas inside your home to stay there, allowing your house to remain warmer for longer durations while using less fuel. This same concept holds true for all energy star building products, including windows, doors, siding and insulation.

These energy star products are available in many places, but an informed consumer would know that the key to saving the most money on these products is making sure that the company you purchase them from will also install them in the right manner. Having factory-trained installers properly put in your products assures you that you won’t lose the heat or air-conditioning that is saving you all this money.

The next time you hear “Green” or “Energy Star,” think of all the green you’ll be keeping in your pocket each year, as long as you own your own home.

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