Energy Star Makes it Simple
Published on: August 16th, 2003 By: Steven DiMare

At last, homeowners can be sure they’re buying the best window. In the past when shopping for windows, most people were reliant on the salesman’s assurances or complicated test results

With the introduction of the Energy Star program to the window industry, shopping is much easier. The government has a rigid set of tests a window must pass in order to receive the energy star of approval. When buying an energy star-approved window, the insulation value is of the highest standards. All Energy Star windows come with features like low-e glass and high insulating gas inside the glass.

These features help reflect the heat back into the home in the winter and keep the sun from heating up the home in the summer, making the savings on fuel and electricity measurable and year round. Some power companies are offering rebate programs for energy star-approved products such as windows, air conditioners and refrigerators. Check with local power companies to see what programs are available in this area.

When shopping for windows, a customer should consider price, features and the quality of the installation. Buying an energy star window is the easiest way to buy the best. Do keep in mind that a window is only as good as the installer. If a window is not measured properly or not caulked to the surrounding frame properly, air can simply escape around an energy efficient window, creating drafts, loss of heat and loss of air conditioning.

Check with the local Better Business Bureau when choosing a window installation company. Finding a company that will not only measure and manufacture a window, but complete the job with a full installation program also makes shopping easier. If all guarantees are handled through one company, there will be no question of whom to call or who is responsible if a problem arises.

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