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Double Hung Windows​

Ultra Tite 3-KR

Innovating Glass Technology:

Since 80% of your window is glass, selecting the right glass package is a very important step in the window buying process. The 3-Kr Triple Pane Window Glass package does more than just lower energy bills. It delivers comfort, creates less condensation and protects valuables from sun damage. Plus, it meets specific solar and energy control needs for different climates and geographic regions nationwide.


• Everything Included in the Ultra Weld III Window and R-5 Program

• Pure Krypton Gas blend fill the spaces between the panes of glass.

• Warm Edge Intercept Spacer increases the performance of gas-filled units and Low-E glass while improving resistance to condensation

• Triple Glazed featuring three panes of glass to dramatically reduce condensation, thermal transfer, and noise while also insulating as much as 60% better than double glazed windows


Unified Home Remodeling - Call Us At 1-888-631-2131

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